Catwoman Issue #3, February 1989.
Catwoman Issue #2, Marchl 1989.

Issue #1 (February 1989)

Issue #2 (March 1989)

Catwoman Issue #3, April 1989.
Catwoman Issue #4, May 1989.

Issue #3 (April 1989)

Issue #4 (May 1989)

The First Series (1989)

First comic book series a limited run

DC Comics produced a four-issue comic book series for Catwoman in early 1989. The first modern Catwoman comic, published Post-Crisis , was published in a four-issue series from February to May 1989. Rated for mature audiences, this magazine series was done as a test to see if there was a market for a Catwoman comic.

This series featured Catwoman in a full-fledged gray Catsuit, complete with whiskers and a tail!

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