1954: Catwoman in Batman #84

No small business for the Caped Crusaders

This comic book constitutes one of the Catwoman's final appearances in the Golden Age. Released in June 1954, this comic concerns a group of women who have been put to sleep a la Sleeping Beauty.

While Catwoman is clearly cast as the evil femme fatale, this comic is a visual delight because of its classic art work. Today, this classic comic would require most of us to take out a small business loan to get a mint condition version of it. Below are the 10 pages that make up this story.

We dedicate this page to Sean Katkus (1966-2006).

Sean, a police officer, died in the line of duty in spring 2006. He provided the captures for this page. A true crime fighter, he will be missed not only by his friends, but also by his family.

This page updated 23 August 2012.

Here’s the comic

Batman #84, Page 1. Batman #84, Page 2.
Page 1
Page 2
Batman #84, Page 3. Batman #84, Page 4.
Page 3
Page 4
Batman #84, Page 5. Batman #84, Page 6.
Page 5
Page 6
Batman #84, Page 7. Batman #84, Page 8.
Page 7
Page 8
Batman #84, Page 9. Batman #84, Page 10.
Page 9
Page 10



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