Catwoman in the comics

Comic book revival took place in 1966

Catwoman through the ages!

8 January 2017

Catwoman made her debut in spring 1940 in Batman #1. She and the Joker were Batman's first two enemies. Her run in the comics has been long and interesting. For a time, she was unavailable (1954-66) due to morality concerns, but it took Batman (on TV) and Lois Lane (in the comics) to change that.

Those old comics are clearly worth a LOT of money today. They can be difficult to obtain, too. However, one can suppose that, if someone has defaulted on their student loan or needs to raise money for legal costs, one could obtain them for a song.

Yeah! Right!

Since 1966, readers have enjoyed following Catwoman's adventures on a regular basis. Her character has changed at different times since 1970, and she has had three comic book series. In addition, she has also starred in special issues, as well as guest starred in other comics such as Batman and Birds of Prey.

And since 2000, Selina Kyle has had company.

Just as the third Catwoman comic book series began its run in 2001, Stan Lee wrote his own version of the Feline Fatale. Just Imagine: Stan Lee's Catwoman (2002) provided an alternate take on the character, two years before Patience Price went on the prowl. The third series ran until 2008, with a standalone issue published in 2010.

In September 2011, Catwoman will once again receive her own comic book title.

—Timothy J. Forbes

About the different Catwomen!

As per the Catwomen shown in the above illustration, they are:

Center: The current Catwoman.

Clockwise, from left: the Jim Balent version, 1993-2001; the first comic version, 1989; the original, from 1939; Batman: The Animated Series; the Tara King version, 1969-74; 1966 version, Lois Lane comic; 1966 version, Batman comic; 1975 version.

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