Catwoman: The Jim Balent era (1993-2001)

The second comic book series a popular one

A painting of Jim Balent's Catwoman.

The Catwoman comic book series really got under way in 1993. The Feline Fatale gained a distinctive look, thanks to the efforts of artist Jim Balent. For much of this time, she wore a skin-tight purple outfit, with long boots, long flowing hair and a devil-may-care attitude. Mr. Balent drew her as a woman whose physique would make other women jealous. One could say that Catwoman was to comics what a Russ Meyers film was to cinema.

The comic book series was spurred on by both the 1989 comics mini-series and by the 1992 movie Batman Returns. This comic book series became a hit with readers, at least in part, because of Jim Balent's pencilling.

Mr. Balent continued his work on Catwoman until the end of 1999, when he left. The following year brought a new creative team, who intended to give the Feline Fatale a grittier persona. Her appearance changes in issue #68, when her hair is cut shorter. The new creative team of Bronwyn Carlson, Staz Johnson and Wayne Faucher had Catwoman thrown in jail on false charges. Controversy ensured when one comic showed her in a shower scene with other female inmates!

The second series came to an end in July 2001. By issue #93, Catwoman/Selina Kyle is facing conflicts within herself, and tries to perform one last caper. She runs into Deathstroke the Terminator, and the ensuing battle ends with the world believing that she has died.

And she appeared to be dead?

Or was she?


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