1966: Catwoman revival

Revival in Lois Lane after absence of 12 years

Catwoman in Lois Lane #70.

Catwoman had stopped appearing in the comics in 1954. That year, the Comic Book Code was implemented, out of concern that comics were a bad influence. Batman and Robin were reduced to fighting monsters and other "harmless" creatures.

Catwoman first appearance was on the 17-18 March 1966 episodes of Batman. Her first appearance in the comics would have to wait until November of that year.

The wait was worth it!

In Lois Lane #70 (November 1966), shown at right, Catwoman uses magic to turn Superman into a cat! This Silver Age comic also has an unusual bonus. President Lyndon B. Johnson makes a guest appearance!

Needless to say, Lois outwits the Feline Fatale. This is one fun tale!

Catwoman wears a purple Catsuit here, with a cape. The cape is a throwback to her Golden Age days, but the suit is a precursor to the Jim Balent outfit of 1993-2001.

Catwoman would soon sport a green outfit, and ears to match those of the Julie Newmar outfit. When The Batman/Superman Hour aired in 1968, this outfit was used. This animated series reflected the comic book version of Batman, rather than the live-action 1966-68 ABC series. Hence, it was more serious.

This page is affectionately dedicated to Ms. Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman.

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