1967: UK comic anthology

Catwoman shown on cover of story book annual.

Batman Story Book Annual, 1967.

Comics were not an American monopoly. Far from it. Audiences in Britain began watching Batman some time in 1966, and immediately took to the series. The series even influenced The Beatles, because the song “Taxman” was inspired by the TV show theme.

The Batman Story Book Annual, published in 1967, featured many of the villains from the US TV series. Not only was The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin accounted for, but so was Egghead.

And Catwoman!

Notice, though, that she is wearing a green cowl, and that her facial features seem to resemble Joan Collins. The green colour scheme seems to reflect the costume that DC Comics used in their print editions. The green costume also was shown in the 1968-70 Batman cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings on CBS.

These glossy hardcover books began as hardbound collections of a year's supply of both adults and children's' magazines during the 1800s. Now containing all-new material, these glossy hardbacked books remain popular items in many children's Christmas stockings. These annuals were roughly A4-sized books which appeared in British shops around September in order to be ideal presents for the coming Christmas.

This page is affectionately dedicated to our esteemed Catfans in the UK, Eire and in the entire British Commonwealth!

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