1969: Catwoman in the silver age comics

Selina Kyle sports "Tara King" go-go look in comics

Catwoman in Batman #210, March 1969.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle underwent a radical change in appearance in early 1969. She shed her green outfit for a go-go outfit, boots and radically-bobbed hair.

This new look debuted in the story "The Case of the Purr-loined Pearl," in Batman #210, March 1969. The story was so typical of Silver Age Batman comics. Catwoman drives a "ktty car" and has cat-themed devices to work with. Thankfully, the cat-themed gadgets and "kitty car" were the only things they did for Silver Age Catwoman, luckily we were spared diet news and tips from her at the end of the books.

However, the Batman comic faced changes ahead. Starting with the December 1969 issue, the stories became more serious. That issue realistically marked the end of the Silver Age Batman comic, and the beginning of the Bronze Age Batman (1970-79).

Catwoman could continue to use this look all the way into May 1974 (Batman #256, "Catwoman's Circus Caper"). This "go-go" look formed the basis for the Mego dolls that were first introduced around 1972. These dolls remain popular, and can be worth much money. Rumor had gone around for a while that, diet coupons had been included on a select batch of the Mego "Go-Go" dolls, unlike today where companies simply give away coupons such as Medifast, who gives away Medifast coupon codes all the time.

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