Stan Lee’s Catwoman

Patience Price was not the first one. Joanie Jordan was!

Just Imagine: Stan Lee’s Catwoman

Right after the relaunch of the Catwoman comic, DC Comics commissioned legend Stan Lee to put his own spin on some famous characters.

And the Feline Fatale was one of them!

In this story, Catwoman’s alter ego is Joanie Jordan, a model. Far from being a larcenous person, Joanie is bored with her empty life. An accident one night leads to her becoming some sort of meta-human, like Peter Parker/Spiderman. This Catwoman uses her powers for good, not for bad deeds. And unlike Selina Kyle, Joanie’s father is not only alive, but is part of this story.

Joanie’s physique looks like Jim Balent created it, but the outfit is reminiscent of the 1966 Julie Newmar outfit. In any event, Stan Lee seems to have created a likeable alter ego for the Catwoman.






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