Comic Book Day 2004

Meeting Catwoman in Albany, New York

Meeting Catwoman in Albany!

The Fourth of July weekend in 2004 was an interesting time. I had just purchased a 2004 Hyundai at Fuccillo Hyundai in Schenectady on Friday night, and stopped by Earthworld Comics. The store had just closed, but I saw a sign indicating that Catwoman would be present for Free Comic Book Day, scheduled for the following day.

Talk about a lucky day!

I started off that day driving a 1993 Oldsmobile that had over 271,000 miles on the odometer. The air conditioner did not work, so I was sweltering. I decided to drive through downtown Schenectady, to see what was going on. I would leave Schenectady County in a different vehicle than the one I entered!

So the following day, I drove down from Saratoga County to the store, and met the Feline Fatale. She had an outfit just like the 1966 Batman version. It represented one major highlight of what was an outstanding weekend!! Enjoy the photos!

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