Cat Events

Comic book conventions, venues ensure seeing Selina Kyle!

Meeting Catwoman

Catwoman does make live appearances. Sure, Selina Kyle can hide herself when in the public eye, when she's in street garb. But Catwoman? That is a real treat!

And the fun intensifies when one gets to meet the actresses who have played Catwoman. You can see it especially in children's faces.

So much of the fun isn’t so much in meeting celebrities, though that can be enjoyable, too! The fun lies in meeting fellow Catfans who appreciate the world of Gotham. Star Trek fans have been organised since the 1970s, and they have an entire network of fans worldwide. Lately, fans of Gotham City have been organising, and making their presence felt.

This section of Catfan’s Feline Fatale Follies is designed to serve as a record of these different gatherings. Click the photo above to see a larger version!

Current status

We are working on a LOT of pages and sections.

This page updated 28 January 2013.

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