Catfan attends the Albany Comic Con 2009

Albany Comic Con 2009

Fourth annual event drew thousands of visitors!!

By Timothy J. Forbes

Attending the Albany Comic Con was very important, because of the planned fan series, Carrie's World. It was also a welcome relief, because of the massacre in Binghamton two days prior. The event was held 5 April 2009 at the Holiday Inn, Wolf Road, Colonie. Though a smaller venue, it was still a most enjoyable event!

By the way, this photo is of the stoplight I used to love to see when visiting my grandmother Hathway—corner of North Pearl Street and Lawn Avenue. Taken 5 April 2009.

This section launched 1 June 2009.

And that is so fitting, since I was born 50 years ago today in Troy, and spent my first month in Albany!

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