Catfan meets Julie Newmar!

Meeting Julie Newmar!

After all these years! I finally meet the 1966 (series) Feline Fatale!

With Jolene Twomey’s help, I made my way over to Julie Newmar’s table. And I finally got to meet my favourite lady from the 1966 Batman series. And I am so happy to report that Julie is as sweet in person as the other Cat-ladies I have met. I gave her my card, and I got a signed autographed photo (which I will definitely cherish)!

Julie, of course, has a section devoted to her. When I told her of the site, she seemed really pleased. Of course, more needs to be done as of this writing (22 May 2006), but it will be tended to!

One thing I wished I had told Julie was that I admire her for the love she has shown her 25-year-old son, who has a host of special needs. I speak of this as a father of a special needs child, and know that some parents can be dismissive of such offspring. But in real life, Julie is a real-life heroine whom we all should be proud of.




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