Detroit 2006: Difficult experience

Frustrations abound in Motor City venue, but …

Detroit 2006

Frustration abounced at the 2006 Motor City Comic Con in Detroit. The trip to was difficult and tedious, and there were some additional complications that crept up at the event itself.

But those things happen, because not every event will go as smoothly as Chiller Theatre 2005 or Super Mega Show 2005.

Cast members from the 1966 Batman attended the event, held in Novi, Michigan. So did many costumed Gothamites, including at least two Felines. We also counted at least three Batmen, three Batgirls, two Robins, a Riddler, two Jokers, an Egghead, an Archer, a Minstrel and his moll, a Penguin, a Marsha, a Mad Hatter and numerous other people. Oh, and there were some henchmen present, too, including one for Catwoman!

This section will detail the events as they took place.




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