Holy Batvention (New Jersey Comic Expo 2011)

A poor start ends up a mega-triumph!

NJ Comic Expo in Teaneck, New Jersey

The New Jersey Comic Expo, held on 12-13 November 2011, represented the first time since the 2009 Motor City Comic Con that I got to attend a decent-sized comic con, in another city, and in another state.

It started out badly.


I got a terribly late start from the Binghamton area, and experienced a 30-minute delay in Stroudsburg, PA because of a car accident. That meant taking side roads through that city and that was not fun.

I was grateful to get to Newark Airport at @4 p.m. to meet John and Marie Stacks. After we got settled, we went to have supper at the diner across the street from the Crowne Plaza in Englewood.

Saturday started out OK, but it quickly became clear I had a limited use for my camera, because of the battery life; it later turned out the issue was with the camera. That meant working with it was like Apollo 13, in that I had only so much to work with. Despite that, I made do.

And as it turned out, the convention became one of THE BEST!

I cannot say enough good things about this event. Lee Meriwether, Donna Loren, Susan Silo, Terry Moore and Deanna Lund were on hand from the 1966 Batman movie and series, as well as Larry Storch, who voiced the Joker in the 1968 Filmation version of Batman. So, too, were so many of my friends and acquaintances from the different message boards.

Now on to the con …

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