Maggie Baird, 2009

Maggie Baird publicity shot for “We Sail,” 2009.

Maggie Baird

Played adoptive mother of Dinah Lance in Birds of Prey

Born: 28 March

When this page was started, it was assumed Maggie Baird played the mother of Helena Kyle/Huntress. We ended up mistaken, as it turns out she is that of Dinah Redmond (nee Lance). However, we will retain her page, as it was our error.

Ms. Baird's career began with music. Growing up in a small Colorado town, Ms. Baird’s fervor for music led her to a professional actress career. According to Christian Covarrubias of LaFaMos, a marketing, publicity and design firm in California, "Her involvement in the entertainment industry evoked the writing of several musical numbers for productions in the Los Angeles based Groundlings Comedy and Improv Company. Reigniting her passion for original music Maggie recently finished recording her latest album “We Sail”; a blend of soft tones and melodic hopefulness with spirited storytelling and heartfelt melodies.”

Ms. Baird began her film career in 1981, and as of this writing (11 March 2011), her latest credit is in the video game Mass Effect 2 (2010).

Birds of Prey unaired pilot, Part 1

Maggie Baird appears here around 3:00 or so.


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