Melendy Britt

Catwoman in 1977 cartoon

Born: 31 October In Charlotte, NC, USA as Harriet Melendy Britt

Seven years after the CBS Batman cartoon stopped airing, The New Adventures of Batman began airing in February 1977.

Adam West and Burt Ward were together again, playing the roles of Batman and Robin for the first time since 1968. However, Melendy Britt was the next one to don the Feline Fatale's domino mask by doing us the honour of voicing Catwoman (and Batgirl). Born in North Carolina to a Big Band singer who won the beauty title Miss North Carolina, Ms. Britt was raised in Houston, TX.

Ms. Britt’s career began with a comic turn on The Hollywood Palace in 1967; she would appear there two more times in 1968. She began making regular guest appearanes in 1970, and still continues to work even today. Among her more notable gigs: Voicing the animated cartoon She-Ra, Princess of Power, as well as being the first one in a L'Oreal commercial to say, “Because I’m worth it.”

One note: Her Catwoman is shown in an outfit different from the costume Catwoman was wearing in the comics at this time. Her outfit is indeed unusual. But she would be the only one playing the Feline Fatale in the 1970s. And she was the last one to do so until Michelle Pfeiffer and Adrienne Barbeau did so in 1992.

Oh, and Ms. Britt also voiced the role of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl as well!

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