Mandy Evans

Mandy Evans

Star of The Knight Waltz

Mandy Evans is the second actress to don the guise of Catwoman for Chris Notarile's Blinky Productions. After the unfortunate departure of Niki Rubin, Mandy gracefully stepped in to fill Selina Kyle's shoes.

Standing at 5'8", with a slender figure and life time of professional dance training and several appearances in actual Broadway plays, Mandy has effortlessly embodied the mind and spirit of Catwoman. Bringing poise and sophistication to the character, Mandy has taken Catwoman made it her own. She has appeared in the 2010 Blinky short, Knight Waltz, as well as a cameo appearance in Kim Santiago and Chris .R. Notarile's directorial collaboration, Sincerely Mr. J.

Look out for Mandy in future original and fan films from Blinky Productions.

This section added 1 December 2010.

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