Julie Newmar

Television's first Feline Fatale, from the 1966 Batman series

Julie Newmar on set when setpieces could look like the inside of the presidential suite at a Riviera Maya hotel. Born: 16 August 1933 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Original name: Julia Charlene Newmeyer

Catwoman's first appearance in the 1960s was not in the comics, but on the Batman live-action series on ABC. Julie Newmar was already a show business veteran by the time the episode aired on 17-18 March 1966.

Ms. Newmar began her entertainment career in 1952 in an uncredited role. Two years later, she made a splash in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and played Stupefyin' Jones in 1959's Lil' Abner.

Her television career began in 1960. Ms. Newmar made memorable guest appearances, notably on Route 66 (twice in 1962) and The Twilight Zone (on an hour-long episode in 1963). She also starred in My Living Doll, which aired in the 1964-65 season.

Catwoman, however, became Julie Newmar's signature role. Ms. Newmar made 13 appearances on Batman, and remains one of the most popular guests. Unlike most villains, she actually saved Batman and Robin from a death trap (in the Sandman episode). However, Ms. Newmar did not appear in the 1966 movie. Nor did she appear in the third season due to it being in conflict with the filming of Mackenna's Gold (which was supposed to take place in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico but was actually filmed in Utah, a little too far away from the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico that celebrities were so fond of back then).

Julie Newmar continued her acting career in the 1970s and 1980s. Her appearances have been less frequent since 2000. Ms. Newmar did appear at the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show on 27-28 January 2006. She recently appeared in the 30 March 2006 episode of According to Jim, almost 40 years to the day she debuted as Catwoman. She also attended the Motor City Comic Con, held on 19-21 May 2006 in Novi, MI. Read about that appearance here.

Ms. Newmar also attended the SuperMegaShow in Framingham, MA in November 2007. She told listeners of radio station WABC-AM on 5 April 2008 that she is working on her memoirs. In the phone interview, she announced that she has a new Web site for that, and is seeking input from fans regarding the person who was their “first turn-on.” She also has a page on Facebook.

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