Ashley Scott

Huntress as Catwoman offspring

Ashley Scott as Huntress

Born: 13 July 1977 in Metairie, LA, USA

We normally do not put the Gotham native Huntress in a section about the different Catwomen.

Unless she is herself the daughter of the Feline Fatale.

Ashley Scott grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and made a name for herself playing Helena Kyle/The Huntress in the 2002-2003 WB series Birds of Prey. She played Huntress as a metahuman who had qualities of both her father (Batman) and her mother (Selina Kyle, who in this story was killed).

The show was the first live-action Gotham-based series since Batman ended its run in 1968.

Ms. Scott began her film career in 2001 with a role in Criminal Mastermind. That same year, she also performed on Dark Angel, a sort of preparation for her role in Birds of Prey. Her career continues at full speed in 2010.


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