Millicent Sherman and Craig Terry 2009

Millicent Sherman and the late Craig Terry, Motor City Comic Con, Detroit Michigan, May 2009.

Millicent Sherman

Batman 1969 star and Eartha Kitt look-alike!

Millicent Sherman

Born: 1 July

Michigan native Millicent Sherman wowed her Batman 1969 co-stars with her incredible turn as Catwoman.

No surprise there.

Ms. Sherman has a close resemblance to the late Eartha Kitt, both in physicality and in her purr-formance. Her appearance on the 1966 Batman Message Board led to her role in the fan film, and that has led to her popular status with comic book fans. More recently, she appeared as the current, goggled version of the Feline Fatale.

Ms. Sherman is the mother of a son, and serves as a magistrate in the Detroit area. We hope to see more of her in the future.

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