Jane Webb

Born: 13 August 1925 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 29 March 2010 in Green Valley, Arizona, USA

Jane Webb as Catwoman, in an animated series.

Played Catwoman in 1968-70 cartoon

We’re sorry we don't have much information on Ms. Webb. We do know that she entered the film industry around 1939-40, aroud the time that Batman and Catwoman became known. She did little work around that time, then dropped out of sight until the late 1960s.

By 1968, when The Batman/Superman Hour aired on CBS, Ms. Webb mostly did voice-overs. She did make an appearance in 1968 on the CBS sitcom Family Affair.

One note: Her Catwoman is shown in a green outfit, something that reflects the costume Catwoman was wearing in the comics at this time. She also voiced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

Jane Webb continued to do voice-over work through 1978, when she was involved with Filmation’s various Archie cartoons.

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