Sean Young

Another Catwoman who wasn't, but not for lack of trying

Born: 20 November 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA as Mary Sean Young

During preparations for Batman Returns, actress Sean Young campaigned actively for the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. While she did not receive the role, she deserves recognition on this site for what might possibly have been. And the above video proves this.

Born the same year as the Webmaster, 1959, Mary Sean Young began her career in 1980 with a role in the movie Jane Austen in Manhattan. Ms. Young soon distinguished herself with roles in Stripes and Blade Runner. In 1985, she played the role of Rosemary Hoyt in the remake of Tender Is The Night; Jill St. John, who played Molly the Mole in Batman, originated the film role in 1961.

Sean Young has remained active, with new projects scheduled for release in 2012. She has a presence on Facebook.


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