Eyes of the Cat (1986)

Eyes of the Cat

An early fan film and scholarship winner

Directed by: Mark Racop

Eyes of the Cat is a 45-minute movie about a cat burglar who just arrived in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has a date with an old flame, Selina Kyle, and it isn't until she drugs him with a hypnotic lipstick that he finds Selina Kyle is actually Catwoman! Catwoman forces Bruce to help in her criminal activities. Breaking free from the spell, Bruce returns to Selina's—only THIS time as Batman!

Catwoman, circa 1986.

Eyes of the Cat won a David Letterman Scholarship award in 1986 at Ball State University. Mark Racop wrote and directed this early fan film, while he was attending Ball State University. This short film was shot on Kodachrome 40 Super 8 Movie film, and took two summers to complete.

This was Mr. Racop’s third Batman fan film, following his 60-minute feature The Caped Crusader, and the 30-minute short The Phantom.

The main prop used in the movie was a replica of the 1966 Batmobile, handbuilt on a 1974 Monte Carlo chassis. Thie vehicle’s body was made out of fiberglass, metal, plastic and wood.

Eyes of the Cat was Mr. Racop’s first use of sets. He constructed a Wayne Manor study, complete with sliding bookcase and Batpoles, and the Batcave, also complete with Batpoles.

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