The Conquest of Batman (2018)

Batman and Molly Post.

Batman encounters Molly!

Blame this on the 1966 Batman series.

The webmaster first saw this series when it debuted on 12-13 January 1966, and Molly made quite the impact, especially when her character died. Funny part was, for years, we thought it was Catwoman whom Batman had encountered.

Fast forward to August and September 1972. Writer Denny O'Neill and artist Neal Adams did a Ra's al-Ghul story that involved an Olympian skiier named Molly Post. At the Rhode Island Comic Con, Neal Adams himself informed us that she was frankly modeled after actress Jill St. John, who played Molly the Mole in the premiere episode of the 1966 series.

Molly Post surfaced again in Detective Comics #451, printed in September 1975. Once again, Denny O'Neill did writing honors, but Ernie Chua did the art work. Sadly, this didn't have the same quality as the 1972 story, but so it goes.

Fast forward to 2017: The discovery of these stories led to the creation of the script. Unlike Batman 1969, a production staff was assembled, with a production person and musical composer. The production is currently casting, and it is hoped that production can begin later in December 2017.

With the emergency of Molly Post, the planned fan series may well take on changes, but the overall plan is to offer something that is uniquely its own, and will please fans.

This page created 15 December 2017.

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