Catwoman: Nine Lives (2005)

Amber Moelter in Catwoman: Copycat

Fan film features two Catsuits, Harley Quinn

This fan film, one of the first involving Catwoman, shows her in two distinct phases: As the Jim Balent purple suited feline, and then as the guardian of Gotham's East End, complete with the black outfit.

Essentially, the movie begins with a conflict between Batman and Joker. Catwoman is present. Batman ends up killing Joker, just as Harley Quinn arrives, and she blames Catwoman for her love's demise (despite the fact that Batman did the deed).

Fast forward a few months later: Catwoman is now the defender of the East End, and a criminal gang is having trouble with this reality. Enter Harley, who's intent on pursuing revenge against Catwoman. She makes a pact with Junior Gigante to deal with this "cat problem." And Harley has her own ideas in mind.

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