Catwoman: Principles (2006)

Catwoman: Principles

Fan film first to use Jim Balent purple catsuit!

Catwoman: Principles is a film in which Selina Kyle teaches three thugs a lesson. Based on a 1990s Catwoman comic story, this movie shows a bored Selina going out on the prowl. She spots a luxurious penthouse, and decides to investigate. She finds three thugs who are not just looting the penthouse, but are also destroying it. Enraged, Catwoman teaches them a hard lesson.

Film Director Chris .R. Notarile told this Web site:

"Niki Notarile (now Rubin) is the youngest to ever play Catwoman and probably the most fit for the part as well. She has trained in kung fu for over a year now with professional trainer Xian Gao (fight trainer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Batman extraordinaire Airon Armstrong.

With the ability and desire to do all her own stunts, Niki has been able to bring back the true essence of Catwoman with out the added help of computer graphics and stunt doubles. Niki is also the first to wear and successfully pull off the more popular purple Jim Balent-designed catsuit. Expect to see more of Niki as Catwoman in the coming months." As of this writing, you can also see Niki in Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange.

In case you're wondering, Chris and Niki were husband and wife at tha time of shooting. This film was shot in Jersey City, NJ, and took over a month or so to produce. We plan to get this production listed in the Internet Movie Data Base.

Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies is offering to our visitors a chance to see this movie.

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