Batwoman in 2006

A character goes full circle!

Batwoman in 2006.

DC Comics stirred up controversy in 2006 when it decided to reintroduce the Batwoman as a “lipstick lesbian.”

Yet, it seemed ironic. A character created in 1956 as a means to show that Batman was no homosexual was being reinvented as a lesbian herself. Katherine “Kate” Kane herself was a former lover of Renee Montoya, and (like her 1956 precursor) was part of one of Gotham City’s wealthiest families.

There was a hint of this character in the 2003 DVD release Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Here, three women are posing as this character, avenging wrongs perpetrated by The Penguin and Rupert Throne. One of them is Kathy Duquesne (pronounced "du-kane"), is a homage to Kathy Kane.

This latest version of Batwoman has appeared in the weekly comic 52. Additionally, she was featured in Detective Comics, beginning in June 2009. She now has her own comic book title, as of 2011. Issue #0 was released in November 2010, and issue #1 is scheduled for release on 6 April 2011. Bette Kane, who had been the original Bat-Girl 50 years ago, will be in the new comic book series as Flamebird.


Batwoman January 2012

The Batgirl Comic (No. 5, January 2012)

Written by J.H. WILLIAMS III and W. HADEN BLACKMAN; Art and cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III; 1:25 Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

According to DC Comics:

"Hydrology," the first arc of the critically acclaimed new BATWOMAN series, reaches its powerful conclusion! After the horrors Batwoman has faced, she has a final showdown with The Weeping Woman – a specter with the power to dredge up Kate's deepest pain. Can she finally forgive herself so she can dispel this evil? And how will she respond when Chase and the DEO tighten their grip, forcing Kate to make an impossible decision?

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