Jill St. John Gallery

Page 2: 1957 to 1959
Various photos of Jill St. John

Jill St. John in Jill St. John (1958 photo)
Two views of Jill St. John: Left, in the movie Summer Love, filmed in 1957 and released the following year. At right, a portrait of the actress from around 1958.

Jill on the cover of Jill St. John on a UK magazine cover, 1958.
At left, a magazine cover from 1957. At right, A British magazine cover from February 1958. Price? 4½d (about 4 cents) .

Getting a work permit, spring 1958

Jill St. John gets her work permit, spring 1958.

Because Jill St. John was underaged in spring 1958, she had to get a work permit to work in Hollywood. Here, she is shown with her mother.

Jill St. John getting her work permit, spring 1958.

Another view of Jill St. John, spring 1958.


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