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Page 5: 1960 to 1962—The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone and Tender Is The Night

Work began on The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone in late 1960, and continued into the early months of 1961. This was Vivien Leigh's penultimate film, and Jill St. John played a starlet named Barbara Bingham. What makes this film really stand out here is Ms. St. John's unusually long hair, which seems to suit her very well indeed!!!

In summer 1961, Jill St. John began work on Tender Is The Night, which starred Jason Robards and Jennifer Jones. Released in early 1962, we see the beginnings of the actress' short hair look. She did grow it out, and had this look through June 1962. Shortly thereafter, when she separated from then-husband Lance Reventlow, she transformed her looks to those that would be her style for the remainder of the 1960s.

Jill St. John in 1961.



The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

Publicity still of Jill St. John, 1961.

Jill St. John in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone"

Publicity photos.

Tender Is The Night (1962)


Publicity still of Jason Robards and Jill St. John. Here, she sports a 1920s bob.

Group shot,

Head shot, from an earlier sequence in the film, where she has longer hair.

With the Thalians, 1962

Jill St. John, 3 June 1962

Jill St. John at an event from a photo dated 3 June 1962. A press photo, this is captioned as follows:

BRAVE ONE--Jill St. John thinks this elephant is so loveable she wants to squeeze his lips. Jill rode the same elephant in the arena of the International Super Circus in Los Angeles. Jill is an active member of the Thalians, a charity organization for emotionally disturbed children. Proceeds for opening night went to the Thalians. (Credit: Globe Photos, 1962 Times-Mirror Syndicate.)

This may have been the last photo taken of Jill St. John with longer hair. Soon after, her marital situation changed, and so did her hair style. She would soon sport the bobbed hairdo that became her trademark for the rest of the 1960s.

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