Zatanna, Catwoman protagonist.

Justice League member and Catwoman protagonist

Created: 1964 by Gardner Fox

Zatanna received her own page on this site in 2004 because she seemed to be an interesting DC Comics heroine. Who knew she would be a pivotal figure in the current Catwoman comic?

We didn't!

In issue #50 (December 2005), we learn that "Zee" had changed Catwoman's character from evil to good. Selina now faced new doubts about her mission as Catwoman, just as she was about to fight the Black Mask. In issue #51, Batman rebukes Zatanna for what she did to Catwoman.

And both Catwoman and Zatanna appeared in issue #115 of JLA in 2005. Their paths did not cross, but seeing them in the same comic was interesting!

Zatanna would perform her magic by incantations said backwards, just like her father. And one notable trademark was her fishnet stockings and formal wear.

Zatanna debuted in Hawkman #4 (1964), and quickly established herself in DC Comics. In it, Zatanna was searching for her magician father, Zatara. She would locate him three years later, in Justice League of America #51.

Zatanna herself would join the League in 1978. DC Comics conducted a poll, and she was the surprise winner of that poll. Since 2002, she had made many appearances, including the JLA and Batman comics, as well as her own mini-series of comics. She also has appeared in the animated shows Batman: The Animated Series, as well as Justice League Unlimited. And from 2010 to 2011, she had her own comic book series. That has ended in August 2011 after 16 issues, because of the reshuffling at DC Comics.

This page updated 22 August 2011.

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