The New Adventures of Batman (1977)

Catwoman makes solitary appearance in 1970s in this series.

Catwoman in 1977.

Eleven years after the live-action Batman series debuted, Adam West and Burt Ward offered their vocal talents on a new animated series. The New Adventures of Batman first aired in February 1977, around the same time of year as the original live-action series.

Catwoman’s lone appearance has her committing a girly-type crime. Late-1970s cartoons tended to lack violence, and this was no exception. Still, Catwoman is a visual delight, and having Messrs. West and Ward together is fun. Melendy Britt, who voiced both Catwoman and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, also does an excellent job. And never mind about Batmite; Commissioner James Gordon looks much the same as he did in the comics. Finally, the animation is good quality, in that its rotoscoping mimics actual human movement very well.

Have An Evil Day - Part 1

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Have An Evil Day - Part 2

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Now showing on AOL's In2TV

The New Adventures of Batman can now be seen on AOL’s In2TV site. We have Episodes 14 and 15 streaming in this section. Click here for the AOL In2TV site.

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