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25 January 2017

Last Thursday and tonight, we mark the 50th anniversary of Pussycat's appearance on the Batman series. Portrayed by the late Lesley Gore, this episode was one of THE most memorable of all the Catwoman episodes, and (IMHO) the best episode of Season Two. Two thousand sixteen was an important year for the Cat, in that this was the 50th anniversary of her re-emergence. After appearing on the Batman series in March 1966, she made her reappearance in the comics in a Lois Lane comic in the fall.

"Maybe Now," 25 January 1967

Friday, 20 January 1967 was a memorable night as well. This marked the first time I saw The Avengers, at my grandmother's apartment in Albany, NY. And it was the first time I saw Diana Rigg (now Dame Diana) as Emma Peel. When the 1966 Batman series ended, our allegiances switched over to this series.


Two thousand seventeen marks the 50th anniversary of the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl. The comic book version, created as a response to Catwoman's popularity on the 1966 Batman series, appeared early in the year. Yvonne Craig would join the series' cast that September as the Dominoed Daredevil. The character has had lasting appeal, even resulting in her revival in recent years and a very successful comic series in 2017.

Also on 20 January

The 20th of January also marked the 11th anniversary of the launch of!!! What a long, interesting time it has been!!!

Cat Blog 20: 2015 Rhode Island Comic Con

Catwoman's 75th anniversary


Catwoman made her debuted on 22 May 1940, in Batman #1. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1940, cat burglar Selina Kyle was inspired by Hedy Lamarr, as well as Jean Harlow and Finger's cousin Ruth Steele. Selina's relationship with Batman has often been both adversarial and romantic, their paths crossing on the Gotham City rooftops at night.

Catwoman remained an important figure in the Batman universe until 1954, when a moral crackdown on comic books led to her temporary end; she was replaced by Batwoman in 1956.  The Feline Fatale made her return in early 1966, first with a mention in the Zelda The Great episode of the 1966 Batman series, then followed by a 16-17 March 1966 appearance on that show. Portrayed by Julie Newmar, the character became a sensation, and would reappear in the comics that fall—in a Lois Lane issue, dated November.

Since then, Catwoman has been an important player, and a most fascinating one at that!!!

Supervillain Origins: Catwoman

We received this video, uploaded on YouTube, concerning the origins of Catwoman. Enjoy!

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