Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992)

Catwoman bares her claws in

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Art Deco Feline Fatale

Catwoman was one of two villains Batman battled in the follow up to 1989’s Batman. Michael Keaton once again played Bruce Wayne/Batman, while Michelle Pfeiffer played Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Danny DeVito was cast as the other antagonist, The Penguin.

Tim Burton’s film direction resulted in a film that had a very dark, gloomy air to it. The movie took liberties witih Selina’s origins, in that she was a meek-mannered secretary working for villain Max Schreck (Christopher Walken), and her mother was alive. She also go the meta-human treatment, in that after losing her life, she was seemingly revived by cats, and given nine lives. Twelve years later, this scenario would be replayed in the Catwoman movie.

Batman Returns is a good film, though the creepshow effect used leaves much to be desired. This is especially true of how The Penguin is portrayed. However, Tim Burton does manage to explore the romantic relationship between Batman and Catwoman, as well as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Michelle Pfeiffer is fabulous as the Feline Fatale. And we like the use of winter as a time frame. It gives a different perspective to Gotham City, and we like that!

Before Michelle …

Kansas-born Annette Bening was originally tapped by Tim Burton to play the role of the Feline Fatale, at a salary of $1 million. She had to drop out because of her pregnancy (she subsequently married the father, Warren Beatty). Sean Young then campaigned for the role, especially as she had been considered for the role of Vicki Vale in 1989's Batman. Ms. Young lost that role because of an injury, and she lost the Catwoman role three years later to Michelle Pfeiffer.

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