Roberta, the Girl Wonder and her compact.

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Roberta, the Girl Wonder

1950 comic book tale a Molly/Carrie precursor? Maybe …

13 July 2009

Before Molly.

Before Carrie Kelley.

Comic book readers in 1950 were exposed to a Girl Wonder. Appearing in Star Spangled Comics #103 (April 1950), this tale is—sadly—typical of many sexist stories about female crime fighters that appeared in post-war comics. This may have been one of the first stories to surface concerning a female sidekick for Batman. Roberta has a crush on Robin, and decides to give him a hand, as a crimefighter. She prepares herself for the role, and makes a memorable entrance into Commissioner Gordon's office.

Roberta, the Girl Wonder, and Commissioner Gordon.

The rest of the story follows Roberta's exploints, ending with her giving up when television viewers get to see her in costume—without the mask. Apparently, Robin had her get a perfume that would dissolve the adhesive on her mask.

Nice guy!

Still, the story is an indication as to how much times were beginning to change after World War II. Indeed, one must wonder if William Dozier might have read this story when preparing for Batman back in 1965. Perhaps not, and if that is so, then this story is a very pleasant coincidence indeed!!



Booksteve's Library (Blog)

Great news!!

The Robin Archives Vol. 2, which will include issue #103, will be issues by DC Comics on 31 May 2010!!

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